Pride’s Children is having a Kindle Countdown Sale


Please tell one and all we are on sale!

The details for the Kindle Countdown Deal are here. Also, UK.

Suitable for gifts.

The sale (if I did this right) goes up to midnight on Dec. 21, Pacific Time. If you want to leave it to the very last minute…

Or you can go directly to the Amazon page for the ebook version of PURGATORY, and the above box, updated, will be to your upper right.

Remember – the sale applies only to Kindle.

Thanks for telling your friends

The very best thing you can do for a writer you want to encourage to produce more work, is to recommend their existing work – word of mouth is THE most powerful form of advertising ever discovered.

AFTER that come sales and reviews (don’t be shy – post on review writing).

The three make or break a book.

Word to the wise.


Pride’s Children is available in print!

If you are interested in the print version, here are the links:

Amazon print product page

Amazon.UK product page

Amazon.MEX product page  (Hola, familia)

Amazon ebook product page

And thanks!

I believe there may be a sale – but only today (it is Amazon’s sale, probably part of the Christmas sales it runs, not mine, so I have no control). My first print buyer (thanks!) got it this morning and got the discount.

I also believe if you put the book on your Wish List, or follow my Author Page on Amazon, you will be notified when the price changes. Don’t quote me!

The last thing I want to do is to endlessly self-promote.

The blog post about the writing details (Waiting for print…), should you not be following my writer blog, is here.