Pride’s Children Kindle Countdown US, UK


I am delighted to announce that Pride’s Children: PURGATORY is available in the US* and UK* right NOW – on a Kindle Countdown Deal.

Amazon US and Amazon UK are live (I checked). Please tell anyone you think might like Pride’s Children – and I hope they will also SIGN UP on the right hand side – scroll down -TO Follow this blog** so you get news of further sales and advance warning for Book 2, Pride’s Children: NETHERWORLD.

My official motto is now: “I’m working on it.

I am; I am so close to the Book 2 revision I can taste it. Just let me get this sale started… Why? Because you can only run one KCD in each 90-day period you are signed up for KDP Select (Kindle Digital Publishing Select), and the price has to remain fixed for 30 days before and 14 days after the sale (the 30-day + sale (up to 7 days) + 14-day periods all have to be within that 90-day period), and on some days my brain refuses to do math. Fortunately, Amazon Kindle’s little pop-ups guide you through setting up the sales, and I think they are a wonderful tool to get more readers.


*I know the Kindle Countdowns don’t reach other countries – I believe Amazon is working on it; some country’s protectionist laws make it not possible there. BUT I will be having a general sale – 5 days at 0.99 everywhere at the end of April (will let everyone know when that happens), so if you can’t get to this deal, there will be one VERY soon.

**Wordpress changed a bunch of things to make things ‘better’; I will master them as soon as I can (I do change slowly, especially when my time goes to writing). I’m sure the improvements will make things easier once I understand them – they usually do – but right now I’m suspended between two worlds and the brain refuses the jumps.


4 thoughts on “Pride’s Children Kindle Countdown US, UK

  1. LOL – I’m with Alice. I felt lost over there with KDP Select, and pulled my books out of it because it was just too confusing. (I’m also not sure I want any part of Kindle Unlimited, and don’t recall there being a choice to participate or not, if your book was in KDP Select. I should probably take another look, because there is some promotional value there.) It’s always a great deal for readers, though, and that’s a plus!


    • I figured borrows would be more attractive when the ebook price is high and the book is in Select; that’s my strategy for now.

      I’ll do a Countdown every 90 days, and then take PC out of Select for a week and run a worldwide sale – Countdowns are only in US and UK markets. Then put it back in Select and go write.

      The idea is to spend far more time writing than watching the graphs Amazon so entertainingly provides for authors and books – unless you’re selling a lot, and fast, it is tempting to refresh the graphs, but not productive.

      Unfortunately, when I can’t write, I CAN sit at the computer and stare at the screen.

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