HERE IS THE LINK for a public post on Patreon which you can read to see progress toward finishing NETHERWORLD.

It’s been almost six months since I was able to write, due to us taking our whole life apart and moving from New Jersey to California.

I was not able to continue living in a house with stairs, and the whole place was too big for just the husband and myself,  as the last child is pretty solidly fledged. And taking care of a house and yard is for people who enjoy that – or need to.

With our options, we chose a retirement community in Davis which suits our needs, and where we will probably stay the rest of our lives. Shivers to say that, but people move into Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) Independent Living units with precisely that intention; advanced levels of care are available in the same building for if/when we need them, and we have the company of fascinating people, facilities for exercise and other activities, and dinner. And housekeeping. And no mowing or pruning…

You get the picture.

And we are closer to our oldest child which, since the others are geographically scattered across the whole USA, is a choice we made.

Putting a life back together takes time and effort. For one, you have to replace all your doctors! We are seriously considering not even buying a car. There is Uber and Lyft and Zipcar, we have transportation here to many things, and may decide to get bikes and store them in our parking spot.

So stop by the Patreon page and read all about me picking up the writing again (and there are a whole bunch of public [free] posts there which might interest you as well).

This move is my way of reducing a lot of the unnecessary time-wasters in my life so I can write.

Plus pools for this water baby.



7 thoughts on “Moved and back to PRIDE’S CHILDREN NETHERWORLD

    • Welcome, Betsy.

      If I had been of any good ‘in the world’ that I can’t do here, I might have stayed in a home which was getting too much to handle longer.

      But most people move too late, and in response to a crisis. I’ve been trying to be proactive for years, and this year it worked for us. Still a little startled that it is basically over the worst part, but it is.

      I hope the writing will benefit!


  1. I am so glad to find you again; feel like I’ve been somewhere, but just felt the urge to try to seek you out – so thanks to Sarah and co”hoyts”? for helping me, could hardly put together enough details but managed for somebody to know who I was talking about – glad things are well for you after all you’ve been through, apparently


  2. I know why – somebody asked in a FB – where I’ve seemed to have my nose stuck – if there were any books where the main character had chronic fatigue syndrome – said I know of one! now what was it, who wrote it? can I find it?! so now to see whatever happened with it – I so enjoyed reading it when you were writing it – when was that now?


    • Thanks for making the effort – I have missed so many people from before the July 3rd, 2018, crash, but there hasn’t been time, with the move, to use my backups yet. This moving stuff takes a lot of time!

      And thanks for the plug – if you read mainstream, it is the perfect book.


  3. Glad the move is over with and you’re settled in – sounds great to me. You’re filling a need for the CFS community and I’d certainly think this will benefit your writing. Take care.


    • I like to think I fill a need – but my marketing has been dismal, and I’m not reaching the right readers (many of whom are too tired to read!). I donated my royalties to MEAction a couple of times, and to David Tuller’s campaign, but neither of them gave me any push, and there weren’t many royalties to donate.

      I’ll try again one of these days.

      The flashier activism – not fiction – is winning right now. Too bad its using methods to try to create empathy which don’t work – documentaries make you feel sympathetic, and sometimes contribute, but they don’t make you feel as if you HAVE CFS and have to live with it, which only the right kind of fiction can do. (Think Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Black Beauty: good fiction, but from the inside you see the life of the character – and LIVE it.)


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