PURGATORY awarded Best Contemporary novel 2021

Indies Today have just released their awards for the year 2021 books, and Pride’s Children PURGATORY has been named the Best Contemporary Book. (see new shiny badge!)

My thanks to the judges for their consideration, and I hope many more readers will take the trip with Kary, Andrew, and Bianca through the intersection between Hollywood and the world of writing, especially now that publication is getting very close for the second book in the trilogy, NETHERWORLD.

Again, a big thank you to Jennifer Jackson for her wonderful review. (click on badge!)


5 thoughts on “PURGATORY awarded Best Contemporary novel 2021

  1. I have now added this blog to my Feedly (RSS reader). Just keep putting one word after another, (or even some days one letter after another) and you will eventually finish!


  2. CONGRATULATIONS! That badge is well earned. I plan on rereading Purgatory when Netherworld is close to being released, so I can revisit Kary and Andrew’s oh-so-enjoyable story and friendship before learning what’s next.


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