Amazon SALES

To January 20, 2022: In honor of the revised Editorial Reviews section of the book’s page, and promotions on December 19, 2021 (LitNuts) and January 14, 2022 (HelloBooks), the ebook has been set to $0.99 (and worldwide equivalents). This is also in anticipation that readers who like PURGATORY will follow me here or on Amazon, so they will consider purchasing NETHERWORLD when it comes out (early in 2022). I’m too slow and unreliable to take advantage of Amazon’s pre-order structure, so this will be the only way to catch any promotions for the second book, too.

For those who will consider writing an Amazon review: Please write to me, abehrhardt at gmail dot com, and ask for an electronic ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) in mobi or epub format. Because of the complex nature of ME/CFS, I greatly appreciate these reviews (‘my honest opinion in exchange for a review copy’ should be included at the end of the review), knowing that each case is different, energy is hard to find, and the review may not happen. I do NOT nag.